Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 3: Ohana Means Family...

Today was super fun. We set up some spooky Halloween decorations in our common area so we are definitely ready for the holiday season! After that, we picked up some extra people and headed out to the salon so some of my roommates could get their nails done. One of my roommate's friends needed to get his hair trimmed to be in Disney Look and I needed a bang cut, so we found a place to get that done too.

We also initiated a prank war amongst our roommates. We were at Big Lots when one of my roommates innocently said how much she hated clowns after seeing a little figurine of one. So of course, I grabbed it when she wasn't looking and bought it. We decided to scare her with it and it has since escalated.

We also had super lucky Ohana reservations at 8:45 tonight. We got there early to look around, and soon enough we were seated. Ohana is family style with multiple courses and it's all delicious. The staff there was so amazing, it was truly magical! After that, we watched Hallo-Wishes from the beach then went home.

We decided to stay in and have a movie night since there was no way we'd be moving after all that food. We watched Insidious 2 even though most of us hadn't seen the first.

'Til next time!